Threads - First AppScan

17 Jul 2023 By MORISSARD Jérôme

We have decided to share the AppScan report generated using the tool for the Threads app released by Instagram.

🆓 Full AppScan report : Threads

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🌐 Minimal iOS version supported

The minimal target is 14.0, it's not a bad idea, it's already covering lot of devices.

🌐 Only mobile

Yes, it’s really a good idea for a “MVP”, the iPad support is not a priority.

🙏 Permissions

  • 10 permissions are requested.
  • The description to enable a feature is sometime not clear “to make some features work.”. How this has been validated on the AppStore?
  • The permissions are not localized by region. How this has been validated on the AppStore?
  • No AppTrackingPrivacy integrated. How this has been validated on the AppStore?

💪 Security

Some things needs to be checked


  • Some exceptions are configured for some domains
  • Some exceptions are configured loading Web Content

Plist keys

  • Some informations are pretty simple to get by readding the Info.plist file

🎩 Entitlements

Data sharing detected with other Meta is detected using 2 mecanisms : Keychain and App Groups. (See the previous article)

⛓ Associated domains

Let’s discover the Threads website

🛫 Outgoing schemes

19 schemes are scanned. Some Schemes are not unique

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