AppScan - data collection

11 Jul 2022 By MORISSARD Jérôme

I started to work on that project some years ago. I was working another project RocketSkill, a quizz App for the tech recruiters. I was trying to aggregate lot of data to get a global vision of the AppStore and give some recommandations to new iOS developers. What libraries are important to know? How to improve my learning curve on the platform?

After some months, i was able to generate a first list of frameworks sorted by usage of the AppStore. This was already funny to discover some new frameworks using this method.

Finally, i decided to continue my research about the ipa structure & organizations and to conclude i made the AppScan tool, to collect & organize the App data.

  • Environment
    • Xcode version
    • Service env urls
    • App technology
  • App configuration
    • Apple Info.plist Keys
    • Extra Info.plist Keys
    • Permissions
  • Resources
    • Assets missing 1x 2x 3x
    • Assets organization
    • Languages supports
    • ThirdParty librairies
    • Apple librairies
  • Security
    • risky files
    • Bad configurations
    • Bad environments
    • Schemes
  • Extra features
    • Extensions
    • Entitlemented features
    • Cool Apple featured SDK : ARKit, SwiftUI