AppScore - definition

01 Jul 2022

why? We have created an AppScore :

  • To be more objective to judge a App
  • Detect strenghts and the weaknesses of the App.
  • Be able to compare Apps

AppScore computation is the sum of multiple scores:

App environment - Xcode version can be detected. It’s interesting to see the adoption of the most recent version of Xcode to adapt the App to new iOS features.

Technology use for the development - Major technology used for the App development, can be evaluated using some packaging hints.

App minimal iOS version - Give an estimation of the reachable number of devices

App size - Tt’s big or not? And detect why

App permissions - Give an interesting smelling of the possible features of the App

App supported languages - Give a best vision of the targeted users

App resources - Discover some optimizations and packaging errors

App librairies - Super tech vision of the App Technical Stack and guessing some features and the strategy of development

App security - God dam shit

App - interactions with other Apps - Users like to have their preferences considered

App - interactions with the iOS system - Yeah! Very good points to be loved by Apple and maybe the Users