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  • The 1st service </br>to analyze <strong class=ANY iOS Apps
    WITHOUT the code"/>
    The 1st service
    to analyze ANY iOS Apps
    WITHOUT the code
    Search an App


We must pay enough attention to what we package in our applications.

Audit your App

Audit your App

The service scan your App to give you a score (AppScore), a full vision of your App and a list things to improve.

Compare App quality

Compare App quality

We have already audited more than 10 000 Apps on 50 rules grouped on 7 KPI. The service can compare your metrics with other Apps.

Explore your competitor stacks

Explore your competitor stacks

Do you want to know more about a competitor? The service scan your App to give you a 360° vision of the App.

How It Works?

How It Works?

Select an app and we'll take care of the rest

1. Get the App

We will get the App file on the AppStore.

2. Data extraction & conversion

We will convert the .ipa file to a new format in our system.

3. Analysis

The package structure of the App is analyzed by our.

4. Audit

The analysis & the metadata are audited by our algorithms.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We are faster and cheaper than all the competitors.

"We have trained our tools to work without the source code and therefore our analysis can be done on any app "

"We have automated many of the tedious steps in the audit process and as a result, we can guarantee an analysis of any App in less than 24 hours "

"An algorithm does not cheat and all apps are judged on the same criteria."

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